Oct 1, 2008


(WOW, when a I recieved these words of graditude a few months back I thought, I am so happy and fortunate to give people such happiness, Thank you to all my wonderful clients!) Beth


 A BILLION thank yous wouldn't be enough to express our gratitude for the incredible work you did
photographing our wedding! I am a complete
perfectionist (not a trait I am proud of!) so to
surpass even my high expectations is a true triumph!

The professionalism, kindness and genuine care you
exuded from our very first meeting continued all the
way through and even following the wedding day. The
photos you captured exude so many romantic, elegant
and joyous moments that I was literally in tears (from
being so happy) when I called to thank you...and I
wasn't even half way through all the proofs yet.

We will remember your sweet nature and incredible
talent every time we cherish the memories of our
wedding day...thank you again for a REMARKABLE job! You are truly an artist and having you there was the best decision of all!

xoxo, Elizabeth and Bill Dean