Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Photographing "Dancing with the Star"...Jane Seymour by Beth Beljon

Although I am not a fan of the show, (sorry Mom) I couldn't help but watch for a minute while scrolling the channels. Those outfits alone had their own story!  I must say, Jane made a good run of it  and from what I hear juiced-up the show with a little drama.  My recent assignment to photograph her was a lot more subdued.
  I went to her home in Malibu just before she started filming the show. And Yes, she was as poised and graceful as she was on the dance floor. I don't think many people know this about Jane but she is a real live artist and I mean a talented water colorist! We spent the majority of the time in her art studio which I would consider a large home for myself but it houses all her special art supplies.
  Jane told me she found painting calming and uplifting especially when she was going through a messy divorce (her ex left her almost penniless) and depression set-in during her early forties.   She opened her own art gallery in LA and started mentoring art students. She created a foundation that donates funds to students to assist with school bills.  Each year two students are flown to LA to spend a little one on one time with Jane at her home painting and giving them inspiration. In the photo she is proudly showing me a koi fish she did literally in 2 minutes! (Notice the very dancing-with-the-artist-frock)
   So I am not worried that Jane is home pouting about being yanked from the contest,  I am sure she is relaxing and planning her next masterpiece.